Horse Racing is one of the most sought after sport in the world of betting. The sport draws attention of many betters, making it the 3rd most popular sport in the betting industry. The reason why a sport so less watches is so high on the betting list is the amount of returns it generates if you know how to place the right bet and win. The contradictory fact is that if someone is winning then there would be someone who would be losing too. The sport of betting is a game of probability, you cannot be 100% sure of winning the bet before the start of the event, until there is a foul play. What could be done though is you can increase the probability of you winning the bet rather than losing if you follow the tricks of betting. So, here are a few Horse Racing Tricks to know about in 2020

Horse racing tips to know about in 2020

1. Homework :

It is the most basic yet the most important part of betting. When you are going out to the race track on the racing day, you must know the races, their horse, the history of the horses, the experience of the jockey, the conditions of the race etc. You should have a strategy in your head already made up. And that will only come when you have put in hard work in your home works. Consider previous records, and recent race forms while doing your homework.

2. Budget Intelligence :

While betting if you mess up with your budget then it would take no time for you to start your day as riches and end up in rags. Betting is a fast sport, people want returns after every game play, and when they start losing they start investing higher, to make up for the money lost, in case of a bad day, you lose all. Another example is that, you should always distribute your money with respect to your opinion and confidence in winning, say you have $200 and there are 10 races in the day. Don’t bet for $20 on each race, instead save your budget for races in which you are more certain of winning.

3. Conditions :

Horse racing in rainy weather

Weather and track conditions play a very big role when it come to the sport of horse racing. A drastic change in results can be seen on the same track if there is a change in weather. There will be a few horses which will love to race on a hard track, whereas there would be some horses that have won mostly on damp tracks, due to the rainy weather. For example, a light weight horse is more likely to win a race on a damp surface than a heavy one. This is because the light horse will be using lesser energy to push itself through the muddy ground. So, whenever you are placing a bet on some horse make sure that you know the history of horse performance with respect to the weather.

4. Track Type:

Another aspect of horse racing is having the knowledge of the kind of track that will be used in the race. One should know if the track used is a flat track or a curved track. In case of a curved track what is the nature of the curve, is it a smooth curve or a sharp one? Is the curve left oriented or right? These are small things but they have the ability to change the outcome of the race. One should also know if the race is a normal flat track rack or an obstacle jump race.

5. The jockey:

Horse racing tricks

One of the most important part of the race, which is also the one that we ignore the most is the jockey. Horse racing is similar to motorsport racing; a good car can only produce good results if there is a good driver behind the wheel. The same goes for horse racing too. A horse can only win the race, when the horse is guided properly. It is upon the jockey to make the strategy to winning, he is the one who accesses the conditions and manipulates his strategy. So, while betting make sure that it is not only the horse you are betting upon, the jockey too has to be taken into consideration.

So, here are the points that one must keep in mind while betting on horse racing in 2020. If the tricks are considered then the probability of winning the bet will sure increase.

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